The PDL Association introduces itself

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All courses that can be seen on this website are offered by trained PDL trainers or PDL instructors who are also members of the international PDL association.

The International PDL Association has existed since 2007.

We, PDL trainers, offer language courses using the PDL method as well as training and further education. The goals of the association include:

  • the promotion, dissemination and further development of the PDL;
  • to offer members a platform on which they can advertise their language courses;
  • Information about the international range of PDL language courses and training;
  • to offer PDL trainers and interested language trainers a platform for the exchange of information;
  • Organization and implementation of PDL training and further education.

Lara Vincent

1. Chair
Lara Vincent
Wiener Str.2
D-53332 Bornheim
Tel: +49 176 70 215 726

Nadja Maffei

Nadja Maffei
Via A. Einstein, 19
I-09126 Cagliari, Italien
Mob.+39 346 4009781

Kumiko Ueharra-Zöllner


Kumiko Uehara-Zöllner

Become a member

Become a member and support the spread of the PDL.

Our motto for our members: Together we are stronger!

Any natural person with legal capacity can be a full member.

Legal and natural persons, clubs or associations can be accepted as supporting members.

The annual membership fee is of 55 €. (last change: Annual Meeting on 6th November 2020)


Account details:

International PDL Association Bank: VR Bank Biedenkopf – Gladenbach eG.

IBAN: DE26 5176 2434 0070 0863 01

Tax number: 222/5738/0740

Office and official seat:

International PDL-Verband
Wiener Str.2
D-53332 Bornheim

Registrated at the Amtsgericht Bonn (local court):

VR 11698



Here you can read the statute of the association


Become a member and support the spread of the PDL


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