How to become a PDL Trainer?

How to become a PDL Trainer? 

Are you a language teacher and want to enrich your lessons?

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The PDL method is a pedagogy of being: it is about people in their entirety. Through its techniques and procedures, the PDL method enables the entry into communication and promotes free speaking in the foreign language. The PDL approach simplifies language acquisition and also promotes the self-confidence of the participants. Confidence in yourself and in the group has a positive effect on group dynamics. The communication is authentic. All speaking skills and group dynamics are encouraged. The desire to speak and understand grows.

You can use the PDL method as a single-standing teaching concept of an intensive course or you can incorporate individual elements into other teaching contexts. The procedures give you the opportunity to work without the textbook or to enrich your work with the textbook with new exercises and techniques.

In order to become a PDL trainer, the international PDL association, in agreement with the founders of the PDL, recommends the following steps:

  • PDL basic training of at least 120 teaching units
  • Attending a PDL language course in a foreign language Participating in a PDL language course enables you to experience the effects of PDL from within, to better understand the selection and progression of the exercises and their structure, to experience a different leadership style and to grasp what is expected of the trainer better.
  • Co-training after the PDL basic training We recommend holding the first PDL courses with an experienced PDL trainer if possible, in order to deepen the knowledge acquired in practice and to reflect on the lessons in exchange.
  • Supervision The use of supervision proves to be very helpful and recommended for PDL trainers. This takes place while teaching a PDL course and serves to professionalise and expand one’s own skills.
  • Further training We recommend regular participation in topic-specific seminars in the areas of: PDL, psychodrama, gestalt, group dynamics, theater pedagogy, etc

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