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Get to know our language courses in this introductory video. Discover our PDL language courses for English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and more languages.

Personal: Our language courses are tailored to you personally. We accompany you at your own pace and offer topics and exercises that interest you.
Direct: You have direct access to the language. You start speaking right away, even as a beginner.
Lively: You don’t need a textbook, because we offer varied and lively activities. The focus is on interaction and communication.

The PDL method offers a structured concept for beginners and advanced learners. You develop the confidence to communicate freely and spontaneously in a relaxed atmosphere and have lots of fun while you are at it.
Immerse yourself in this personal, direct and lively way of language learning! More

What our participants say

“I’m an absolute fan of this method. No matter how well or how little you speak, it’s fun and learning itself takes on a completely different meaning.
There is no textbook, no grammar and no vocabulary to memorise. But I can assure you that after an intensive PDL French week in the summer, I learned a lot and, above all, it motivated me to speak French again, and learnt so much in the process.”

Christine M., Director of a children’s group and professional team trainer

“This course with the PDL method was something really special; it is creative and fun. What particularly impressed me was the impulse to converse in the foreign language and that you never had the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing enough vocabulary. In contrast to traditional courses.”

Andrea B., electrical engineer

“For me, the class was very nice and it was not only a way to learn new words, but also to get to know my classmates better.”

Caterina, 9 years old

“An innovative language course! Time flies, people play and laugh, but above all you learn a lot. Thanks to this course, I mastered an interview in the foreign language without any difficulties!”

Micaela M., Watchmaker

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